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Odpiralni čas: četrtek in petek 16:00-20:00, sobota 10:00-16:00. Muzej je zaprt ob nedeljah in vseh praznikih.
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DragonPy meetup December 2022

Četrtek, 29/12/2022

This event is on a rather short notice, but powers that be demand of us that we organize this ASAP. In any case, we will not be short for talks, snacks and good company.

We already have a few talks scheduled, but don’t be shy to volunteer your 5′, 10′ or 20′ talk. Contact us here, Facebook, Slack, Github, email, phone, smoke signals and we’ll put you on the roster.



Nejc Zupan: tesh – TEstable SHell sessions in Markdown

Showing shell interactions how to run a tool is useful for teaching and explaining. Making sure that example still works over the years is painfully hard. Not anymore.

Dror Speiser: Microtools and the reader monad for resource dependency injection

Dror will present an old idea for separating resources such as logging and worker clusters from core business logic, and how to implement and distribute this super fast in practice and use it on the cloud.

Marko Mekjavic: Don’t let the Bark Beetles Bite! Detecting Bark Beetle Infestations and Monitoring the Health of Forests through Remote-Sensing Analysis of Satellite Images

Detection of bark beetle infestations in early stages is a vital task for efficient man- agement of forests to minimise potential economic losses and mitigate their further spreading. Remote sensing methods are becoming ever more important as an objective approach to enable monitoring health of forests and detect potential bark beetle infesta- tions early on. This project aimed at developing a change-based model for analysing satellite data in the visual and near infra-red light spectrum and recognising potential bark beetle infestations that could help local forest rangers in monitoring larger forest areas in a more efficient manner.


Lightning talks:

☞ Roman Luštrik: How I wanted to scrape and “failed”

Go through a brief journey of how I wanted to scrape the aforementioned website in order to create a list and time map of podcasts in Slovene.

  • Zvrst: Meetup
  • Ura: 29/12/2022 - 19:00 - 22:00
  • Lokacija:Računalniški muzej, Celoveška 111, 1000 Ljubljana