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Spatial Jam

Sobota, 09/03/2024

The Myelin research group is hosting a day-long (8:45 – 18:00) free event for augmented and virtual reality enthusiasts on March 9th at the Computer History Museum.

Augmented and virtual reality has been exciting for many years, but now comes a time of acceleration, when it will become an important part of everyday reality.

We will explore XR from the perspective of technology, user experience, and potential.

  1. Try out devices Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3
  2. Domestic and foreign speakers
  3. Ideation workshop in groups with a prize: Meta Quest 3

Myelin is an informal group seeking opportunities in this new space. We are looking to connect with people who are already actively creating spatial experiences and those who are just entering this space.

Sign up by March 5th.


  • Zvrst: Meetup,Posebni dogodki
  • Ura: 09/03/2024 - 08:45 - 18:00
  • Lokacija:Računalniški muzej, Celovška 111