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Doors digital museum incubator Stage 2

“Thank you for your application to the second stage of DOORS – Digital Incubator for Museums. We appreciate your involvement in the first stage of the project and the work you have undertaken for the application.  

We are pleased to announce that the Jury has positively evaluated your pilot proposal “Ctrl+Shift+Esc| Digital Museum Escape Game” and selected your pilot to enter the DOORS incubation programme – Stage II. Please find the jury members’ feedback attached. “

One of the most precious things about an incubator program designed to help an organization grow into a better version of oneself is the amount of constant feedback received. when you are i the midst of a development process, every ounce of opinion can shift your focus, so we do not take feedback analysis lightly. But then again sometimes it just sums up your own thoughts, doesn’t it? 

Here is what the jury feedback said after we handed in our reports for Stage 1 and applied to Stage 2 of the incubator: 

Innovative proposal with a good approach to attracting a younger audience. The pilot really benefited from the first phase and made some well-thought-through changes, especially in the definition of their target groups. It includes a well-designed connection between on-site and online participation and successfully addresses the economic impact of the pilot project. The approach foreseen can be replicated: it’s not too costly and easily done. However, some concerns about the budget, which seems limited to create an impact.” 

We look forward to the next 9 months of: workshops, progress sharing sessions, monthly open hour discussions, individual mentoring and inspiration sessions. Hopefully it will be an exciting and successful journey.