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Raising Digital Heritage Awareness Since 2004

In the last decade humanity experienced a radical change, foremost it became entirely computerized. Every part of the society – individuals, citizens, businesses, organisations – are in a constant touch with technology that makes our lives and work easier. ICT has completely penetrated the society and because of that we believe there is a need for a museum institution that will document and reflect these changes in society, and foster a holistic public discourse on new technologies.

Through our collection, at the moment consisting of more than 6500 examples of hardware and software, books, magazines and related objects representing the history of computing development in Slovenia and abroad and with the help of interlaced programs, we aim to provide a means of understanding of the high level of informatization in our society while at the same time we encourage individuals to become engaged, aware and conscious co-creators of our digital society.

We see our strengths in industry wide and inter-generational synergies, ability to bring together the technological past, present and vision of the future, and in a clearly stated attention for interactive content. Our goal is to present a truly multimedia museum experience and contemporary participatory museum practice, in which the visitor becomes an active, emancipated party.

Status of an NGO in the Public Interest in the Field of Developing Information Society

All our activities are dedicated to supporting the main mission of acting in the public interest: We welcome collaboration with partners who share the same values of social responsibility and realize the importance of  conscious and continuous preservation of a memory of a history from which we can learn so much for the future. 

Computer History Museum in Media

We view collaboration with international media as an opportunity to cocreate new interesting content. We are thus glad and honored, that members of the media public find us to be generous domain experts, willing to help them enrich their program and shed light on certain relevant or educational topic. In collaboration with international media we especially keenly share insights on select chapters of the history of computing in Slovenia or former Yugoslavia as well as their meaning for the development of contemporary digital society in Slovenia and the progressive technology sector with a heap of young tech creators.

The Computer History Museum is a place (physical as well as virtual) for active participation in the fields of understanding and preserving the past with the purpose of building a better understanding of the future.  We run several diverse volunteer programs through which individuals are able to join museum projects, spend quality time and gain new skills. 

Opportunities for Active Participation at the Computer History Museum

Procedure for Accepting Museum Item donations

Our collection is growing persistently and mostly with the help of generous individuals and organizations, who are aware of the historical relevance of pieces in their keeping. In line with our Collection Policy, we hold the right to decide which donations to accept and which to decline. In order to make the process as smooth as possible, we highly recommend you to look at the guidelines. This way our team can be well prepared for the arrival of your donation.