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Participation in the first generation of DOORS Digital Museum Incubator

Press statement: 

Participation in the first generation of DOORS Digital Museum Incubator

July 1st 2022, For immediate release

The Computer History Museum in Ljubljana Slovenia has been selected to participate in DOORS Digital incubator for museums. The DOORS digital incubator program for small to medium sized museums took place in the form of an online incubation program for 40 select museums from April 2022 to July 2022. Organized by a consortium of partners Ars Electronica, Museum Booster and Ecsite, the DOORS program has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. 

The Computer History Museum participated in Stage 1 of the DOORS incubation with the pilot project Ctrl+Shift+Esc | Digital Museum Escape Game, with which they aim to enhance their digital offering beyond standard collection access and online exhibitions into a more edutainment focused realm of interactive content, enabling much needed revenue streams to become separated from the physical location of the museum offering, potentially reaching an internet-wide audience. 

“Being part of an invigoratingly relevant and superbly well structured program such as the DOORS Digital incubator for museums is a rare and cherished opportunity for any institution dedicated to self betterment and growth in times when our very existence is becoming more hybrid than ever imagined for mainstream cultural offering before, “ head of Computer History Museum Gaja Zornada said. “We are honored to be given an opportunity to develop our digital pilot projects in a stimulating incubation environment but even more humbled to be immersed in a professional network of such relevance, which offered support and growth opportunities for us as a team. This is like having a micro-MBA program for museums going digital and if it repeats in the future, we’ll be the first to recommend it to organizations seeking new skills to manage change.”

About Computer History Museum: Computer History Museum (Računalniki muzej) in Slovenia is a non-profit organization collecting, researching and exhibiting the history of information technology and society. We manage a growing collection of 6500+ items: computers, software, publications,.. with a special focus on Slovene authors, distribution and language. We aim to preserve the history of our digital age and at the same time present it to the audience in an engaging highly interactive manner.

About Doors: Initiated by Ars Electronica, MUSEUM BOOSTER and Ecsite, DOORS — Digital Incubator for Museums, seeks to give small and medium-sized museums across Europe an opportunity to steer the direction of the sector’s digital transformation. The challenges of digitalisation are disproportionately found within small museums where the technologies and expertise to launch and sustain digital strategies are usually unattainable. DOORS wants to reduce the digitalisation gap by creating the space for small institutions to voice their needs and offering them access to knowledge, resources, expertise and an incubation and skill-building programme.

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