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Enigmas of the Information Society in the Computer History Museum

Press release

Ljubljana, 9. 5. 2023, for immediate release

Enigmas of the Information Society in the Computer History Museum 

Safety and privacy are becoming a more and more unreachable goal in today’s information society, as they require an informed individual as well as active policy, advocating these values. How can we bypass the Gordian knot and why we shouldn’t leave everything to the individual? What is the role of decision makers on local and European levels and what is the responsibility of each and every one of us?

The Computer History Museum is inviting you to a week of interesting programming, where you will be able to try out the infamous Nazi encryption machine Enigma on Tuesday and Thursday,  listen to an expert panel discussion on human rights in the  information society,  test your trivia knowledge in the Friday cryptography quiz night suspense or join in as a family on Saturday and have fun with different types of encrypted  riddles.

The Enigma machine will be presented by dr. Mark Baldwin, Barbie toy typewriter cryptographic capabilities will be introduced by Marko Štamcar, head of laboratory at the Computer History Museum, the expert panel will consist of  dr. Jelena Burnik, Urad informacijskega pooblaščenca, dr. Maja Bogataj Jančič, LL.M., LL.M., Dušan Caf, Inštitut Digitas, Filip Dobranić, Inštitut Danes je nov dan and Domen Savič, Inštitut Državljan D, the quizz night will be M.C.-ed by Veronika Hana Grubič.

The programming will be thematically accompanied by the exhibitions  “What’s it to you?!” and “Escape, a voyage into the heart of digital cultures”

The festival takes place in the Computer History Museum in Ljubljana and in the Park of Military History in Pivka. More info on


Tuesday 23. 5. at 18h: Hacking Enigma (Pivka)*

Wednesday 24. 5. at 18h: Internet of the People: 20 Years of Human Rights in the Information Society

Thursday 25. 5. at 18h: Hacking Enigma (Ljubljana)*

Friday 26. 5. at 18h: Museum Quiz Night: Cryptography Trivia Challenge

Saturday 27. 5. at 10h and at 11h: Family Program: Secret Messages and Other Survival Skills for the Digital Age

*The lecture is being co-organized by the Computer History Museum and the Park of Military History. 

The Computer History Museum is dedicating the week of  23. 5. – 27. 5. to questions of cryptography and the protection of our data in contemporary information society. The events for various audiences will be contextualized by the temporary exhibitions  “What’s it to you?!” and “Escape, a voyage into the heart of digital cultures”

The Park od Military History in Pivka, is showing the exhibition  Enigma – The Mysterious Behind the Scenes of War, which represents one of the biggest museum exhibition projects in the history of the Park and  at the same time the first wide reaching museum investigations of this important historical topic in our space.

About Computer History Museum:

Computer History Museum (Računalniški muzej) in Slovenia is a non-profit organization collecting, researching and exhibiting the history of information technology and society in a continuous effort since 2004. We manage a growing collection of 6500+ items: computers, software, publications,…, with a special focus on Slovene authors, distribution and language. We aim to preserve the history of our digital age and at the same time present it to the audience in an engaging highly interactive manner to enable a better understanding of the information technology driven society we live in. At the same time we aim to encourage individuals to become engaged, conscious and thoughtful co-creators of our common digital future.

About the Park of Military History 

The Park of Military History Pivka is a new and fast developing museum turist center. With a diverse lineup of exhibits and the wealth of collections it offers visitors unique insights into the national as well as world history. The mission of the Park of Military History is to design an animated tourist center dedicated to educating, research and unique experiences around the heritage of the Pivka area..

Media contact: Gaja Zornada,, 041 215 430