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40 years later, a game for the ZX Spectrum will be once again broadcast over FM radio

There were times when Sinclair ZX Spectrum games were copied over the radio waves across Slovenia. Radio Študent broadcast screeching, beeping and whining, which we recorded on tape and played a game a few hours later. Those times are long gone, but we can take a walk through the past today. Radio Študent, which is celebrating its 55th anniversary this week, will invite two members of the legendary Software editorial team to the microphone.

Today at 20:30 the guests will be Žiga Turk, who we know as the co-founder of the magazine Moj Mikro. As one of the pioneers of the Internet in Slovenia, he wrote the Virtual Shareware Library and Wodo. Together with another guest, Matevž Kmet, he also wrote the famous “Kontrabant”, a cult Slovenian text adventure, and its successor “Kontrabant 2“. The talk will take place in the Computer Museum until 21:30.

This will be followed by a nostalgic broadcast of the game Kontrabant 2 via radio waves at the frequency of 89.3 MHz, which will begin around 21:30. Anyone who still has a working Spectrum ZX will then be able to test the game. Those who do not have one can do so at the Computer Museum or online.